About Us

The ALLXS Media offering includes a cloud based platform, a family of products and a suite of professional services that integrate with consumer’s devices to create personalized, convenient, memorable and secure experiences for venues, events, theme parks, hospitality, tourism, universities, schools and retail. ALLXS brings brands a market leading web and mobile platform which combines time-of-day, context, customer data, and proximity using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (BLE), GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC technology all in a real-time environment.

ALLXS is streamlining school campuses, venues and events with a complete hospitality, events management and integrated ticketing solution powered by an NFC enabled contactless transaction management platform. Physical and digital worlds meet with a fully automated payment and voucher redemption platform. The ALLXS solution combines fast, safe and controlled access control and ticket redemption with integration into point of sale and various other brand activation opportunities. Build a loyalty program and gain valuable insights into purchase and behavior trends. Now you have the freedom to access, pay, redeem, donate and be rewarded with a single tap