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Vaughn Gavin
Based in Toronto, Canada

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ALLXS announces launch of community app

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We are a technology company focused on transforming consumer experiences by weaving the digital world seamlessly into customer’s everyday lives.

What makes us unique

Our offering includes a cloud based platform, a family of products and a suite of professional services that integrate with consumer's devices to create personalized, convenient, memorable and secure consumer experiences that will drive higher revenue and customer satisfaction. ALLXS brings brands a market leading web and mobile platform architected as the first Experience-as-a-service solution which merges physical and digital experiences across mobile, web, and wearable technologies resulting in contextually relevant branded consumer experiences. Our platform combines time-of-day, context, customer data, and proximity to deliver dynamic consumer experiences using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (BLE), GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and RFID technology all in a real-time environment, to create immersive and integrated experiences for venues, events, theme parks, hospitality, tourism, consumer brands, universities and retail.

ALLXS is the engine that drives the entire experience. ALLXS is a platform that integrates into existing information sources such as loyalty programs and point of sale systems and processes the data to deliver a customized communication to the consumer improving their overall experience. ALLXS turns a simple “Welcome” message sent from a NFC or BLE beacon to consumers’ phones into “Welcome Mary. We have your favorite drink on sale which you can receive loyalty points for when purchasing on our mobile payment system”

Without ALLXS there is no experience.





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