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I am not a geek. I am a geek wannabe. From the very first fax machine release announcement I have been fascinated by anything techno. In my stumbling way I try to keep up with what is happening but the world of technology races ahead so fast that it is impossible to keep up with it all. And yet I still remember and yearn for the old days. You know, the days when there were only a few shops to travel to in order to fulfill all our needs? In those days you could find a butcher, a green grocer, a pharmacy, a hardware store and a hobby shop all on the same street. We knew where to go to buy just what we needed. Now I find myself overwhelmed with streets and shops and yet I spend hours trudging those streets or roaming among all the counters in the big box stores getting lost and yet never really understanding which aisle I should go down to even attempt to find what I came in for. I pour over google searches with deep determination to find not only where to go but if it is even sold in my neighborhood. I often find out days or weeks later that I actually was on the right road to have bought that cute little model of the chef holding out his arms to enfold my napkins on my dinner table that I have searched for, despite google and mounds of useless paper that is constantly delivered to my house and just ends up in the recycling having been of very little use to me.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Technology, that very same technology that drove us away from the personal attention of a small shop with caring owners who knew our names, and into this daily fight to fill our lives with things that we need and things that we want, has solved it! It is called Allxs, pronounced “All Access” to the geek wannabes, and it will soon be the only way to shop. Geared towards the small business owners this is not a “flyer” app. This is a personalized experience on one app.

Imagine for a moment having just this one app on your smart phone. Not a crowded home page which goes on for pages with loads of different applications designed to help us but which in fact makes life even more confusing. Instead of having icons featuring street maps, coupons offered by individual shops, google search, social media, the list is just endless, you can have one icon doing it all. How about that app having the ability to both pay for your items so you don’t even have to carry a credit card and receive payments if you are a small business? Imagine driving into a city or town and this app telling you that since you are on Main Street there is a lovely coffee shop offering a free coffee for the next 60 minutes to anyone wearing red today and it is only 20 meters to your left? Or that there is a one day sale at Joes book shop for ridiculous discounts? How about arriving in a new town and opening your app and seeing the whole town on a map with only shops or events that are specified by you as things you are interested in. Did you know that there is a delightful ice cream tour of all the best ice cream shops in Ripley for ice cream lovers? Or that there is an Elvis festival in Collingwood? Or that you can indulge in a true German Christmas shopping experience in Kitchener in December? You don’t need to know because this app will cover it for you. It will advise you of new events, concerts, new bands in town, exclusive offers for discount tickets, advise on best parking, book valets and call ubers. You can even make contact with and chat to people with the same interests as you with location based communication. It is limited only by the human imagination and we all know there is no limit to that.

But that is not all this app will be capable of doing. Already incorporated in many schools it allows your children to buy what they need at the school canteen without them having to carry cash, it tracks their attendance at classes and it controls stock at the same canteens. It can deliver your child’s daily marks and alert you of potential problems or amazing proud moments. Plans to incorporate it into the school bus systems is underway so you will always know your child got onto the bus and arrived home safely. Community services can advise of storm warnings, that a fire is a short way off and alert you of evacuation plans if necessary.

Simplify your life by moving back into the future with Allxs.

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